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Packaging Talent
uestions about packaging a project?




The profitability and salability of most projects are directly related to the genre and the talent, which is focused on the producer, director, and the lead cast.

Not every genre needs all three, but most need at least two of the three talents attached.

The horror genre is not as cast-driven as most other genres. However, a producer who is established in the genre or a director with a track record of successful horror films would be essential to get a horror concept green-lit with a studio, network, streamer, or investor.

For most genres, it would be advised to attach a strong director, before approaching talent agents and managers about the cast.  Most meaningful actors (and their agents/managers) want to know who is directing a film before agreeing to attach to a project. 

Ideally, one would :

  • Attach a director first

  • Next, attach a globally viable actor in a lead role

  • Discuss the project and talent options with a bankable sales agent and/or distributor before firmly attaching a director and/or a lead cast member to a project

  • If the talent supports and elevates the profitability and salability of a project, then a firm attachment can occur

Investors would ideally confirm the attachments (or financially back the talent attachments) before investing. Investors should confirm that the talent to be backed elevates the value of a project to reach sufficient profitability for the project. This confirmation should ideally be provided by bankable sales agents and/or distributors.

Our Media Consulting Service experts can help guide you in attaching a director and cast to your project.

Are you working on attaching a director and/or cast and need guidance?

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