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UCLA and UCLA Extension, USC, AFI, and Stage32 are among the globally leading institutions to educate entertainment industry professionals, and those who wish to learn about specific aspects of the industry.

Our selection of courses represents just a few of many top-quality courses offered by these institutions and educators, who focus the programs around the entertainment industry sectors from writing, producing, directing, financing, marketing, as well as distribution of film and television programs.

Courses are made available in person, and online, and they are taught by leading entertainment industry professionals who are active in the industry and offer valuable insights on shifts, changes, and opportunities in the industry today, that can help professionals to green light their projects, and help investors avoid industry pitfalls and mitigate risks.


The courses provide essential information in the most important areas around the creative and business aspects of film and television, including production, distribution, finance, legal, and deal-making for the entertainment industry today. 

Selected Seminars & Webinars

Are you looking for a specific course or want private coaching?

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