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Our Experts
-We Guide You Every Step Of The Way-


Supervising Producers

Experienced Creative Producers who assist in script development and talent packaging, and who have worked on film and television content that has been successfully distributed in the US and abroad via all distribution platforms.

Unit Production Managers/Line Producers who have produced over 500 hours of content for networks, studios, and streamers, assist in reviewing and/or establishing production budgets for film and television content.

Executive Producers who have produced film and television content that is distributed by leading networks, streamers, and studios, and is financed through the top entertainment banks and equity funds. They assist with production, financing, distribution, and related risk mitigation.


Media Financiers

Bankers, working with leading entertainment banks, and senior lenders who assist with terms and conditions needed to secure a loan for a film/television project.

Financiers who finance film and television content and provide guidance on how to secure funding, by including all potential funding sources available today while optimally structuring a finance plan that generates profits and responds to investor needs.

Financial strategists, who can assist with finance plans, revenue projections, and business plan pitch decks.


Sales Agents / Distributors

Our expert team includes Sales agents and distributors who distribute and sell content globally and who constantly look for and successfully sell/distribute film and television content in various genres and budget ranges. They assist with project valuations, market analysis and distribution revenue projections, distribution strategies, and feedback on the script, budget, and talent elements of a project to confirm and verify its demand and salability in the current marketplace.

Marking strategists, who work with studios, network stations, streamers, and exhibitors in designing marketing and release campaigns for global content, can help you establish and solidify your project's audience, as well as its optimal distribution and marketing path.


Talent Agents & Managers

Our expert team includes Talent Agents / Managers, who work with the leading talent agencies and management companies in the entertainment industry, and who understand the criteria that are essential for content to be green-lit with studios, networks, and streamers today.


Collection Agents are neutral escrow agencies that collect all revenues from worldwide distribution and ancillary rights in connection with film, television, and streaming content, and they ensure flawless, transparent accounting and reporting of all income and expenses in connection with the IP. Our Collection Agents can help investors and producers to establish professional revenue and expense waterfalls that protect revenues and profits.

Collection Agents


Production Insurance / Completion Bond Insurance

A Completion Bond insures film and television productions. The completion bond steps in when budget overages occur to make sure the film gets delivered on time. Completion Bond insurance is often needed when investments or loans are used to finance a film/television program. Our executives can assist in securing a Completion Bond insurance that protects investors and lenders from potential issues in connection with the production, post-production, budgeting, shooting schedules, cast, director, distribution delivery, and related elements.  

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