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uestions about distribution options for your project?




Unless the content is distributed, it will not generate any revenues and it will not generate any profits. 


Any content that is produced for theatrical distribution, to stream on a platform, and/or air on television does not automatically find its way to any of these distribution platforms. In fact, most content produced independently does not find distribution.

Investors and producers underestimate the power and the importance of distribution by ignoring important steps needed to establish distribution.

Steps to successful distribution include:

  • A film, television, or streaming program must be structured in a way that the distribution can be established while the project is still being put together.

  • Once a script is developed, and talent is attached, first conversations with bankable sales agents and distributors must confirm the validity of the project before it is financed and produced.

  • Not every project is for every sales agent/distributor. The project must be aligned with a sales agent/distributor who has a strong track record in generating profits with similar projects in the global marketplace. 

  • A bankable sales agent must verify the profitability of the project.

  • The sales agency agreement must include industry standard terms and conditions, which among other terms reflect feasible sales fees and distribution expenses, a reasonable term, a performance clause, and a collection agent to collect distribution revenues (instead of the sales agent/distributor).

  • The sales agent's bankability and projections must be confirmed by a leading entertainment bank.

  • Presales confirm the projected revenues and establish the market demand for the content piece.

Producers and content creators would ideally establish sales agreements that reflect industry standard terms and conditions, and that protect the project and the investor.

Investors would ideally confirm the industry-standard terms and conditions of a sales agency/distribution agreement, and insist on a few presales that support projections, before investing in a film/television/streaming program.

Are you looking for distribution for your content?

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