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Media Consulting Services - Film and Television

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Media Consulting Services
- Speak to Hollywood Pros in the Know -

Our mission is to connect filmmakers with leading entertainment industry professionals and to advise investors on how to optimize revenues in the entertainment industry. Our team of distinguished industry experts includes producers, talent agents, distributors, and financiers.

Our Services

Our Services
- Every Step Counts-


MCS provides guidance in film and television production, distribution, and finance. Connect with leading executives in the industry today and get indispensable industry insights.


Secure Content that sells

Securing Intellectual Property (IP) that can sell today is the essential first step in making a successful film or TV project. Learn what sells in today's marketplace.

Secure your idea properly to protect your project and your investors.

Create a professional pitch-deck that attracts investors and convinces buyers.

Get step-by-step guidance to establish a green light for your project. 


Attaching the Director and Cast

Once you've developed a strong script/concept, the next step entails attaching the director and lead cast.

The value of a film and television project directly relates to the talent attached to the project. The director and lead cast define the distribution revenues and related profits.

Get advice on how to package the right talent to elevate the profitability of your project.


Producers align with Investors

The value of the project, which is defined by the story/concept and the talent, defines the financial plan, which -if balanced- attracts investors. During this critical third step, Producers and Investors align their interests to avoid pitfalls and mitigate risks, with the goal of generating profits. 

Get advice on how to protect your investment and the project to generate profits.


We Evaluate your Film/ TV Project

Understanding the marketplace today is key to defining the value of your project in today's market. The value of your project is established in this step, based on the project elements, which include the script/concept, talent, and the finance plan.  Distribution projections and presales confirm the value of your project in the current marketplace. 

Get step-by-step guidance on developing a viable script and a strong concept deck, and projections that confirm the market demand.


Establish a feasible Budget

While the script/concept dictates a certain budget, the marketplace limits what is salable today, and how much revenue can be achieved with a film or TV project. Understand the importance of correctly budgeting a film and television project that the market can bear. Know what today's marketplace demands, and its limits. With this important step, you establish a budget that makes your project salable and can generate profits for producers and investors.

Get step-by-step guidance to establish a budget that generates profits. 


Film and TV Series
Production Service

Once the financing is secured and the distribution plan is established, the next step is the production of the film or TV project. Understand the importance of creating top quality content for the big or small screen. The physical production and the budget must be carefully managed to ensure on-budget and on-schedule delivery.  Know how to realize a top-quality product in line with technical requirements for studios, streamers, and networks. 

Get step-by-step guidance from pre-production, production, post-production, editing, and delivery. 


Distribution in film & TV

Distribution is the key to profits. This step defines important terms and conditions with sales agents and distributors, which result in distribution revenues, that create profits. 

Understand what distributors are looking for today. Establish distribution deals that generate optimal distribution revenues and profits for producers and investors. 

Get step-by-step guidance to establish distribution agreements that generate profits.


Risks and Mitigation 

During every step, from development to packaging, financing, production, and distribution of a film / TV project, lurk potential pitfalls. Know the potential risks and pitfalls, and implement mitigation strategies.

 Establish successful mitigation strategies to reduce and eliminate risks, while optimizing profits for producers, talent, and investors.

Get step-by-step guidance on potential pitfalls, and associated risks, and employ successful mitigation strategies.


Seminars and Webinars

Even established producers and experienced financiers must keep up with the constant shifts in the industry. Emerging professionals and those who wish to expand their careers can find top-notch education today.

Learn from successful industry experts, who share their valuable advice regarding all aspects of the industry

Get step-by-step guidance on your project from development through production, distribution, and profits.


Our Distribution Partners and Clients include


Get the Answers You Need


The Hollywood industry is recession-proof and generates great returns for investors who know the risks and employ mitigation strategies. 

Filmmakers and producers who understand the marketplace get projects green-lit.

Our media experts are here to help. We connect you with leading industry professionals who answer your questions and provide valuable guidance.

Don't go into a deal blindly. Ask us to help guide you.

Putting together my first film was really hard. It would never have happened if I had not heard about MCS, who helped me get my film made, got distribution for it, and helped make profits for me and my investor."

D. Li, Filmmaker

"After having lost money in the first film I invested in, I turned to MCS, who connected me to their investment strategist. Not only did I recoup most  of my investment on my first film but I tripled my investment in 18 months on my second film with MCS's guidance. "

E. Eijnden, Investor

"Having produced major studio films in the past kept me out of the loop on how to finance a film independently. MCS helped me leverage my track record into producing my films independently. I kept the library rights to my projects which generates continuous residual income for me. "

S. Ruben, Producer

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